Digital Pearl was founded by Jerad Morrell in 2021. With a desire to buy back his time, and develop assets for the security of his family for years to come, Jerad began to research, study, turn over stones, and everything else it was going to take in order to accomplish what he had set out to achieve. While working a job for ten hours per day, and Pastoring a Church throughout the week, as well as owning and operating an aerial drone photography business on the side, Jerad decided that it was just too much pressure for too little of a reward to carry on in that sort of manner forever. He realized that if he didn’t sacrifice for what he wanted, then what he wanted would be sacrificed. That’s when everything changed.

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In 2019, the idea of developing a business model that would serve as the vehicle to seeing his vision come to pass had only just begun. Through twenty-one hour days, very little sleep, countless encounters with failure, and reoccurring thoughts of giving up, Jerad began to see some things pertaining to marketing that would not only make his vision and his goals a reality, but would also serve as a skillset that would change his clients lives as well.

So why the name “Digital Pearl”? Well, that’s simple. For Jerad, a pearl symbolizes something of great value. “CLICK HERE” to get a better feel for what he means. Beyond that, Jerad says that the Gates of Heaven are made of one single pearl, and to him, a gate represents the passageway into another realm. Jerad believes that the services we offer here at Digital Pearl will be the passageway which takes our clients business from one realm, into a much greater realm of business. We mutually agree that the services we offer our clients are the most valuable gateway they’ll ever pass through in the pursuit of maximizing sales and revenue. If you intend to grow your brand or business in the way that both yourself and your customers deserve, then give us a call today and we’ll help you take things to a much greater level.